Book 1: Into the Wild

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Book 1: Into the Wild Empty Book 1: Into the Wild

Post  Shnitzel on Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:46 pm

Book 1: Into the Woods. This is a CAT book and for all of you DOG peeps you may as well just exit this blog now unless you like stupid quarrels over food, water, land and even girls (the cat kind). This story is about a plain house tomcat named Rusty. He is bored of being pampered and so he goes on a hunting trip and meets his future friend Greypaw.(ya i know its a weird name but youll get it once you READ it!) He finds out that Greypaw is included in one of 4 cat Clans. Rusty joins the Clan (im not telling you which one cause im evil like dat Twisted Evil ) of overly territorial issued cats and becomes Firepaw the conquerer! Ok, not really but he does become Firepaw. Anyway he gets dragged in to everything the clan has to offer. cat

READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exclamation (posted by Shnitzel the awesome Cool )


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